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As inland waterways are getting busier, it’s becoming more important to have anchors and chains that you can rely on. To suit every type and size of waterway and every type of substrate, we keep a wide range of specialist anchors permanently in stock. Giving you the right tools to let you go on your way.

Need help with damaged equipment? Our repair teams are on call 24/7 to respond to your port-based repair jobs.

Anchors for Inland Shipping

Anchor HYT 12 render


Safe stowage and High Holding Power for the commercial shipping sector.

Chains for Inland Shipping

Anchor Chains Studlink Marine

Studlink Marine

For mooring and anchoring – available in various grades from grade 2 up to grade 3.

Accessories - Kenter Type Joining Shackle

Kenter type joining shackle

Secure connections with a sturdy design.

Accessories - Swivel Forerunner

Swivel Forerunner

The most widespread chain connector. Fit-for-purpose for various industries.

Accessories-D-Type Anchor Shackle

D-type anchor shackle

The crucial connection between your chain to the anchor.

Accessories - Superbox Swivel

Swivel Shackle

This swivel’s smart design frees up deck space.

Accessories - Pear-Shaped Connecting Link

Pear Shaped Connecting Link

A connecting link ideal for large diameter chains.


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